Just in: Putin issues jaw-dropping announcement…prepare for the worst

After months of pushing the envelope, Vladimir Putin is throwing down a serious threat. He just secured the oil rights in Syria after propping up the Assad regime, and he’s now trying to flex some Russian muscle.

The Russian president issued an announcement saying that if Americans in Syria endanger Russian lives with airstrikes or something similar, Moscow will retaliate. This comes just a few weeks after the news that American forces killed possibly two hundred Russians in an air-to-ground fight in Syria claiming no American lives.

Hardliners in Russia were almost certainly pushing for a serious retaliation, which is probably why Putin has taken this step. No matter the reason, he needs to settle down and remember that America is the geopolitical boss, not Russia. (Read More…)

Democrat Congresswoman Louise Slaughter dies at 88

Louise Slaughter was the New York 25th District Representative. She was a Democrat who was born in Kentucky, where she also went to college at U.K. studying microbiology. Given her background, Slaughter wasn’t the most rabidly liberal Democrat in the Congress, and her positions were reminiscent of an older political environment.

She passed away after suffering a fall in her D.C. residence. No matter her politics, Slaughter believed service to her country was important, and I can’t fault her for that. She was even planning to run again in the upcoming elections, no small feat at her age.

Rest in peace, Rep. Slaughter. (Read More…)

Ivanka Trump will replace Tillerson in North Korea negotiations

Last week, President Trump fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, replacing him with current CIA head, Mike Pompeo. Pompeo would naturally replace Tillerson in the upcoming North Korea negotiations, but something quite unexpected has occurred. The Foreign Minister of North Korea personally asked to conduct the negotiations with the President’s daughter, Ivanka.

Rest assured the media and Democrats will cry nepotism, and say Ivanka is unqualified, but who can take them seriously anymore? If Ivanka is specifically being asked for, and America wants the best possible outcome, why wouldn’t she go? If she’s anything like her father, she can wheel and deal with the best of them.

Let’s hope Ivanka read her father’s book on negotiating! (Read More…)

Republican congressman says ‘of course’ Democrats will impeach Trump if they regain Congress

Who didn’t see this one coming? Wisconsin Republican Representative Sean Duffy just gave Republicans a little taste of what could happen in the next year or so. If they don’t do well in the midterm elections, the President will almost certainly be impeached.

Democrats have been salivating in anticipation. From the evidence-free Trump-Russia story, which then morphed into “obstruction of justice,” and then into some sort of ethics investigation, they’ve been grasping at anything they can to undermine the president.

Why can’t they just face the fact that they lost because their platform was terrible and their candidate was even worse? Because they sore losers and they’d rather cheat than lose. (Read More…)

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