Putin Gave The Order… Raids Are Underway

Russian President Vladimir Putin just gave the order. Raids are currently underway, and the fallout will be enormous. No one expected him to make this move.

Putin’s government has reportedly raided the homes and offices of his political opponents after his party, the United Russia Party, suffered a drubbing at the polls. Critics are claiming the raids are part of the retaliation.

“Putin is very angry and is stamping his feet. I congratulate you. Today the biggest police operation is modern Russian history is taking place,” said Putin critic Alexei Navalny, wryly observing the situation.

Navalny is a longtime adversary of Putin’s — the two have been locked in a political war for years. According to reports, Navalny has even been accused of laundering what amounts to $15 million U.S. in Russian money.

The Russian government claims that he laundered the money through his anti-corruption group. Nalvalny is claiming that the raids are directly tied to the charges against him.

Regarding the raids, he went on to say that “the actions of the police are no different from those of burglars.” One has to wonder how much longer the Russian people will tolerate Putin’s iron-fisted rule.

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