Putin Confirms The Rumors… Trump Is Smiling

Russian President Vladimir Putin just confirmed the rumors, and President Trump is smiling. This is how you make a deal.

Putin said that he’s willing to begin discussing a “wide-ranging strategic agenda,” specifically on nuclear arms control. He made this announcement after withdrawing from the 1984 INF Treaty this week.

The INF Treaty — short for the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty — has also been dropped by the United States as well, a move that took place earlier this year. Now the U.S. and Russia can negotiate.

An arms race isn’t expected from the two superpowers. In fact, we’re likely about to see a historic moment in which the U.S. and Russia come together once again to face a pressing challenge.

Putin and Trump reportedly discussed re-opening negotiations at the recent G20 summit, according to Putin himself. Slowly but surely, Trump has pulled Russia back to the table.

Like former President Ronald Reagan, Trump realizes the importance of keeping a skeptical eye on Russia while, at the same time, playing to the nation’s self-interest. History is about to be made once again.

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