BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Tragic Diagnosis – New Update Stuns White House…

The general public has gone from just kind of dissatisfied to downright grumpy with the way COVID has been handled since Biden took office.

Considering one of Joe’s prominent campaign promises was to “shut down the virus,” that doesn’t bode very well for his future chances.

His recent average across the major polls show that Biden has a negative approval rating in regards to his handling of COVID. We’re not picking and choosing conservative polls here, this is his average across ALL of them. CNBC, Fox, ABC, CNN, Rasmussen, Quinnipiac, USA Today, they’re all here.

Across the board, the numbers say the same thing. American’s DON’T want Joe Biden.

To be fair, it’s hard to blame them. Remember when Joe promised he wouldn’t demand mandates? “No. I don’t think it should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it be mandatory,” Joe Biden told a reporter in 2020 who asked if vaccines should be mandatory. “I don’t think masks need to be made mandatory nationwide.”

Quite a contrast to January 2022, when Joe Biden’s biggest accomplishment was criticizing the Supreme Court for revoking his OSHA mandate.

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