BREAKING: Jen Psaki Gets Busted – Pregnancy Scandal…

Jen Psaki just confirmed it: everyone in the White House has completely lost their mind.

Can anyone tell me the name for a person that could have babies.

Did you go with woman, female, mother, girl, mama, mom, lady, and or anything like that?

Then Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, and their friends think you’re a sexist or a transphobe or whatever they want to call you.

That’s right, according to the left, the name for people that have babies are “pregnant and postpartum people.”

Jen Psaki said as much in a recent interview, confirming that Joe and his crew have lost their mind on transgenderism.

They’re not “postpartum people,” they are MOTHERS or WOMEN.

I’m going to call them the correct names, thank you Jen.

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