BREAKING: Bombshell News About Future Of Post Office – Biden’s America In Flames…

For the second time in a year, the United States Post Office is raising postage prices.

Amidst the Bidenflation that is rocking the country, the USPS had no choice.

Despite being in a market that supports multiple profitable shipping companies like DHL, FedEX, and UPS… The USPS loses billions and billions and billions of dollars per year: $18,000,000,000 total in 2019 and 2020.

So if UPS and FedEx can survive, what’s wrong with the Post Office?

It’s run by the government.

If you ever need an example of how terrible the government actually is, the United States Post Office is a terrific example.

Put shipping solutions in the hands of private businesses, and profit results.

Put shipping in the hands of the government, it’s nothing but losses.

Hopefully this two cent jump to $.60 per Forever Stamp will be just what the USPS needs to make up those nine BILLION dollars next year…

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