BREAKING: Four HUGE Lies Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About…

Politico pretends to be a reasonable news source, but that’s not what they are. It’s a foreign media conglomerate, and it’s just been exposed.

While producing a recent hit piece on Breitbart news, Politicoforgot the golden rule of journalism: if you lie to readers, they WILL find out, and they WILL stop trusting you.

For some reason, while defending the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, which would protect outlets like Politico form online competition, the liberal outlet completely neglected to tell the truth.

Breitbart has outlined no less than FOUR factual inaccuracies in a single article posted by Politico.

For example, Politco claimed that “Breitbart News is an ‘unlikely antagonist’ of the JCPA, ‘on the same side’ as Google and Facebook.” Breitbart’s fact-checkers quickly let everyone know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

To read what lies Politico posted, click here.

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