BREAKING: COVID Secret Being Covered Up by Democrats [Details Coming In]

When you think about all of the downright disgusting things liberals have down over the years, withholding COVID medicine from Americans might be at the top of the list.

According to Fox contributor Dr. Marty Makary, politicizing potentially lifesaving medicine is just one of the many disturbing tactics being employed by liberals in the federal government.

According to Makary, there needs to be “a more precise, diverse toolbox” for fighting COVID, and the restrictions that Biden has placed on America are not what we need right now. Instead we need to be focusing on the things you’re only hearing about in Texas and Florida, because the federal government doesn’t want Americans having access to them.

Instead, Biden pretends like we’re all going to die immediately unless we comply and get at least a THIRD COVID shot.

“Look,” Makary began, and it was at this point viewers realized the man was NOT going to hold back. “When the government has this reactionary approach to pull the same, big hammers out of the toolbox and use a one-hammer approach only talking about boosters, when we know, by the way, there’s really no evidence to support that boosters help people under age 30. They don’t need them right now. Especially if they have natural immunity. But they reach for these same tried and true big hammers. They are blunt tools. And we need a more precise, diverse toolbox, which is available. We just don’t hear people talk about them outside of states like Florida, Texas, I know the folks in Virginia are planning to roll out a big toolbox right now. Who would have ever thought we would have the politicization of different therapeutics? But yet we do.”

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