Police Reveal What Was Written on Vegas Shooter’s Note

It’s been days now since we’ve known about the note left in the Las Vegas shooters hotel room. Now we know what was written on it.

In an interview, first-on-scene Las Vegas Police officer Dave Newton revealed that the note contained firing calculations designed to maximize Paddock’s accuracy and lethal efficiency.

For an American public desperate to discover a motive, the note is of no help. But the equations written on the note do show that Paddock had a plan — and it was deliberate, calculating and evil. (Read More…)

Famous Anti-Police City Facing Skyrocketing Murders.

In 2015, the city of Baltimore, Maryland, was the site of some of the most violent and destructive Black Lives Matter riots in recent history. City officials at the time of the riots allowed the rioters “space to destroy” and took a firm anti-police stance in the press.

How is that working out? Baltimore’s skyrocketing gun homicide rate has now surpassed Chicago by more than double per capita.

Baltimore has long been controlled by Democrats and has some of the strictest gun laws in the country— laws that have failed to put a damper on the violence. So much for gun control. (Read More…)

Tomi Lahren Reveals Truth About Elitist Celebrities.

In her most recent Final Thoughts commentary, Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren ripped liberal elitists for their politicization of the Las Vegas massacre.

In the video, Tomi calls out “rich and famous” celebs for vilifying law-abiding gun owners in America, saying: “Those injured at the Route 91 Harvest Festival weren’t even out of surgery before the rich and famous mixed their crocodile tears with their anti-gun BS in an effort to shame law-abiding gun owners. Pretty typical narrative from a group of people who will use any tragedy as a means to advance their war on guns, gun owners and the Constitution.”

She’s right. It’s deeply repulsive for celebrities to exploit tragedies like the Las Vegas shooting in order to promote their various political agendas. The only good thing about it? It shows their true character to the rest of us. (Watch Here…)

Scaramucci Makes Public Announcement.

On Monday, former White House spokesman Anthony Scaramucci launched what he is calling the “Scaramucci Post,” a New York-based media outlet. Scaramucci plans on using this platform as the “‘Barstool Sports’ of political discourse.”

His biggest promise with this venture so far is that his new media venture will be plain, “vanilla” news. This promise seems out-of-character for Scaramucci, who was fired from the Trump White House for engaging in public feuds with Steve Bannon.

Given these facts, we don’t expect the Scaramucci Post to be a pro-Trump media outlet. But then again, most of them aren’t. I won’t hold my breath on this project or his promises. (Read More…)

Obama Met With Famous Sexual Predator 13 Times.

Although Hollywood producer and Democratic Party supporter Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment stemming back as far as 1990, Barack Obama had him as a guest at the White House 13 times.

The mainstream media has a nasty habit of letting left-wing villains off of the hook — if a Republican had done this, it would have been reported extensively.  So why the bashful media coverage? For starters, Weinstein has donated at least 10 times to Hillary Clinton — amounting to more than $20,000 in total. He helped raise over $600,000 for Obama as well.

While neither Hillary or Obama have commented, they had to have known. Weinstein’s behavior was an open secret in Washington and Hollywood. Of course, accepting money from a sexual offender pales in comparison to their other documented atrocities. They all belong in prison together.(Read More…)

Shocking Attack in Major City.

On Saturday, an automobile plowed into a crowd of pedestrians outside the Natural History Museum in London. The incident left at least 11 people injured.

While authorities are not treating the event as a terrorist incident, witnesses accounts raise questions. One witness who saw the driver following the incident said: “He looked really proud of himself, He was laughing.” Another witness claimed that the driver attempted to flee the scene before being caught and detained by passersby.

While the Metropolitan Police claim that the incident is not terror-related, the investigation is still ongoing. Something isn’t adding up. (Read More…)

Top Democrat Sexually Attacked Fox News Reporter.

Former Fox News anchor Lauren Sivan has revealed that Hollywood producer and Democratic Party loyalist Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her in an abandoned restaurant kitchen.

She claims that she never came forward out of fear that he could seek reprisals and ruin her career. Weinstein had succeeded in hushing at least eight of his victims by reaching private settlements with them. He must’ve never thought she would talk.

One massive irony is Weinstein has claimed to be a feminist for years. He has joined women’s marches, produced documentaries meant to raise awareness of campus rape, and received humanitarian awards for supporting gender equality. He’s a hypocrite and an abuser, who has been enabled by Hollywood for years. This man is sick and needs to be punished for his actions. (Read More…)

Vegas “Mystery Woman” Identified.

While authorities have identified the “mystery woman” connected to the Las Vegas attack as a prostitute, they are not providing any more details.

Given the number of weapons shooter Steven Paddock had in his room, authorities initially questioned whether he acted alone or in concert with someone else. The fact that two windows were broken out was another indication he may have had an accomplice.

While authorities dismiss the idea that the “mystery woman” was in the room when he opened fire on the crowd based on hotel surveillance footage, we still don’t have the answers about who this woman was. Hopefully, investigators will turn up a few revealing leads soon. (Read More…)

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