BREAKING: Piers Morgan Gets ENDED – He’s Done

Piers Morgan can’t be trusted.

Viewers know it now, and the numbers are reflecting that.

Piers’ new show on TalkTV was immediately criticized for showing a heavily edited clip of Donald Trump that was chopped together so much out of context that the internet quickly decided it qualified as a full-blown hoax.

It is NOT okay for reporters to cut interviews to make it look like the subjects said something they never did, but that’s exactly what Piers Morgan did to Donald Trump recently.

Obviously this stunt went over like a lead balloon, and Piers is paying the price for it now.

Since his dishonesty was exposed, viewership for his program has dropped by 70%.

The orginial 30-second-clip shared by Morgan made it appear as though Donald Trump had stormed off the set after being asked a question about the 2020 election.

The interaction simply never happened. It was all editing tricks.

The world knows that now, and Piers Morgan is done.

I’m surprised he even had 70% of an audience to lose…

Even liberal giants were furious at Morgan’s tactics. CNN admitted Morgan “just handed Donald Trump an easy win.”

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