Mike Pence Makes Shock 2020 Decision – Wow

Vice President Mike Pence is known for being mild-mannered. Pence, a born-again Christian, is one of the most prominent people of faith in the Trump administration, is reported to participate in a cabinet Bible study. So when he gets fiery in his speeches, people pay attention.

Apparently Pence has decided to put it all on the line. And now he’s going after 2020 Democrats with all he has. Pence last week blasted the Democrat presidential debate, saying it was “hard to watch”.

Pence also said Democrats have moved way too far to the left. “Those people were standing so far on the left, I thought that stage was going to flip over,” Pence said. It’s clear that Pence knows the stakes in 2020 are higher than just whether or not he gets to continue on as Vice President. Our country is at stake.

The Vice President also praised pro-life legislation in Georgia, which is reflective of Pence’s pro-life, pro-family stand. Throughout his career, Pence has made protecting innocent human life a central part of his agenda. And he found a like-minded pro-life boss in President Donald Trump.

Pence’s comments are likely to stir up controversy as Democrats go on the offensive, attacking Pence over his Christian beliefs as well as his steadfast defense of President Trump and his policy agenda, especially when it comes to defending our southern border.

The decision to go after Democrats with such vigor was no doubt a difficult one for Pence, who has a different style of leadership that President Trump. But both men are ultimately united in their firm belief that socialism is awful for America, and 2020 Democrats would relegate us to the ash-heap of history.

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