Pence JOB Notice – Trump Stunned The Nation

A job notice about Vice President Pence just dropped. President Trump has stunned the nation and now everyone is talking about it. The question is settled.

Author Tom LoBianco’s upcoming book about Pence, titled Piety & Power: Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House, reveals that Trump chose Pence for his running mate because he had a calm and serenity about him.

Trump was apparently also impressed that Pence didn’t grovel, which is why, during their final meeting at the Indiana Governor’s Mansion, he made the decision to drop the other candidates and move forward with Pence.

LoBianco details their conversation as it reportedly happened. Trump said, “I need killers, I want somebody to fight. Chris Christie calls me nonstop about this job.” He then asked, “Do you want this thing or not?”

Pence responded: “Look, Donald, if you want somebody to be a killer, if you want somebody to be a constant attack dog, I suggest you go find someone else. I’m not that guy. I’m going to enjoy myself; I’m going to be respectful.”

Trump was apparently so taken aback by Pence’s approach that he soon announced Indiana’s governor as his pick for vice president. This just goes to show that Trump is a far better judge of character than the liberal media says.

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