Pence Confirms The Rumors Were True – Farewell

After several months of speculation, Vice President Mike Pence has made it official with a public statement.

NASA’s Opportunity Rover, which began exploring the surface of Mars back in 2004, is dead. In a farewell tweet, Pence said, “Congratulations to the entire @MarsRovers team. Through ingenuity and hard work, you turned a 90-day mission into 15 years. #ThanksOppy for showing us the beauty and wonder of Mars. You made the country proud!”

According to reports, NASA lost contact with the affectionately named Oppy in June 2018 and tried for several months to get the rover back online after a dust storm. Unfortunately, they were not successful and have made the difficult decision to end Oppy’s mission after over a decade of work on Mars.

It is astounding that Oppy was able to operate this long, especially with the unpredictable Mars weather and the sheer distance from Earth. But the ingenuity of America launched the rover and kept it rolling along for years, allowing the world to see the Martian planet in ways we could only imagine.

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