Pence Can’t Take It Anymore – Informs The Media

Vice-President Mike Pence said in a CNN interview that it was “slander” and an “outrage” that elected officials like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and members of the press have called U.S. detention centers on the border concentration camps.

“The Nazis killed people,” the vice president went on. “Our Customs and Border Protection, as you heard today, are saving lives every day.” Pence took reporters with him and visited two detention centers on Friday prior to the interview.

While an overflow center had men sleeping on concrete in dirty and harsh conditions, another contained families and was clean and well-kept. Pence said that Democrats refused to fund additional beds and that the border crisis had led to overcrowding at existing centers.

The “time for action is now, and the time for Congress to act, to end the flow of families coming north from Central America to our border, is now,” Pence said.

After all, if so many people weren’t trying to come across the border illegally and to try to gain asylum, there wouldn’t be any concern about the condition of detention centers, would there?

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