Pelosi Swings Hard, Accidentally Nails Barack Obama…

The Daily Caller reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) repeatedly stated during her weekly press conference that Democrats would not put children in cages at the border, despite the fact that reports of Obama doing so in 2014 surfaced earlier this year.

“Democrats have taken full responsibility for the border,” Pelosi said as she blamed President Donald Trump for it. She also said that Trump is “incapable of civilized behavior.”

Her comments come after Trump agreed at her request to delay ICE raids to remove thousands of illegal immigrants so that Democrats could have time to pass legislation to fix immigration loopholes and problems. Now it just seems like she wants to blame Trump while obstructing everything he wants to do about the problem.

Images of children being held in cages in 2014 when Obama was president were once again circulated around the internet this week despite Pelosi’s accusatory comments toward Trump.

An appropriations bill to give $4.5 billion toward humanitarian aid for the border is making its way through Congress, but Democrats in the House are threatening to load it up with protections for illegal immigrants that may directly contradict Trump’s border policies and lead him to veto the legislation.

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