Pelosi SURRENDERS… Total And Complete Defeat

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has caved to the most extreme element of her party in scheduling a full House vote on impeachment this week. She is now speaker in name only.

First, Pelosi held back for months on making anything about impeachment official because she knew it was both unpopular and unfounded. When Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the squad, among many others, pushed her to impeach the president at all costs, she said it wasn’t the right time.

Well, what has really changed? A secondhand whistleblower report? The Ukraine phone call is a red herring at best. What changed is that Pelosi was facing a mutiny from the extreme left wing of her party, which has taken over and is now completely in charge.

When Republicans pointed out that the impeachment inquiry wasn’t really official because the full House had not voted, Pelosi again pushed back and said a full House vote wasn’t needed. Then the far left wing got out their pinchers and began to squeeze again, pushing for the full vote to make it seem more legitimate.

And what did Pelosi do? She caved again. But the majority of the American people have seen through the Democrats’ games and believe impeachment is a political stunt, so the full vote won’t be enough to legitimize this witch hunt. Nice try, though.

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