BREAKING: Retirement Announcement Shocks Pelosi Fans…

Democrats’ ability to hold the House in 2022 was looking very slim already, but with a recent wave of resignations and retirements across the party, things are looking practically impossible.

So far, 23 current Democratic representatives have already announced they would leave congress at the end of this term.

Some are retiring, some are looking for positions in local or state offices. But regardless of why, the main thing is that they AREN’T.

To make things worse, many of the retirements and resignations are coming from recently redistricted areas that liberals are unlikely to win without the advantage of having an established incumbent.

Across the aisle, only 12 Republicans have announced they won’t seek reelection, putting the GOP quite a bit ahead for 2022 at this point in time.

On the Senate side of things, Democrats do hold the advantage since they are only losing one Senator, but five GOP members are confirmed to be retiring.

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