Pelosi REPLACEMENT Decision – Supporters Shocked

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just can’t stay away from controversy — it follows her wherever she goes. Now, a replacement notice has been announced, and her supporters are stunned.

Shockingly, a New York Times editorial board member has written that Pelosi leading the impeachment charge against President Trump is “a whopping conflict of interest” because she could replace Trump as president.

Assuming that both Trump and Pence are removed from office, she would become president of the United States — a terrifying thought, to be sure, but even an NYT editorialist sees the problem here.

The author even reportedly argued that the law should be changed to remove this conflict of interest. Of course, there’s no way Pelosi is going to spearhead such an effort; she has too much to gain. But this should be a concern to anyone.

“Don’t the American people choose presidents largely because of their parties?” asked the author. “Yes, they do, which is why the prospect of Ms. Pelosi … sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the middle of a Republican administration” is problematic.

In fact, the author said this possibility “should trouble anyone who values stability and democratic legitimacy.” Well, there’s at least one person left at the New York Times with a sliver of intellectual integrity.

Read the full story here.

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