Nancy Pelosi exemplifies a corrupt career politician. She has been in office longer then most college graduates have been alive.

Worse still, in all that time Pelosi has not done much good for the country. Now she may be facing her replacement.

A Republican named Deanna Lorraine has announced she will run against Pelosi in California’s 12th district.

Lorraine describes herself as a passionate and concerned American fed up with cultural issues. She is also fed up with our ineffective and permanent political caste system.

Lorraine’s positions are very conservative. Her platform lists her views on major issues.

Most interesting is her focus on cultural issues that many politicians don’t want to acknowledge. Our country has a corrupt political system, but we are also saddled with deep cultural problems. Let’s hope Lorraine can shake things up and end Pelosi’s career – for good.

Read the full story here.

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