Pelosi Receives Shock Impeachment Warning – Whoa

The executive director of motorcycle group Rolling Thunder has declared that the group will converge on Washington, D.C. if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decides to pursue impeachment of President Donald Trump, the Daily Wire reported Saturday.

Artie Muller, 74, a Vietnam veteran, formed Rolling Thunder to bring attention to prisoners of war and missing military members. He said in a speech at the National Mall on Monday that he thought Trump was doing a “fantastic job” and that Nancy Pelosi should be removed from office for wasting time on continued investigations of Trump and other Republicans.

“I would like to see Nancy Pelosi and her hypocrites work on the POW issue instead of bulls***ting [and] aggravating the President of the United States,” Muller stated.

The group’s 2018 rally drew more than a million bikers, according to the Washington Examiner. In fact, Rolling Thunder stopped meeting on Memorial Day in the capital because of their huge numbers and the difficulty getting parking permits for such a crowd on the holiday.

Muller also defended Trump for walking out of a meeting with Pelosi and other Democrats last week after they held a closed-door secret meeting about impeachment.

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