Pelosi Notified – It’s Over, Removal Announced…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been notified. A stunning announcement just hit the airwaves — it could be over and Washington, DC is in an uproar about it.

Hollywood director Rob Reiner has publicly demanded that Speaker Pelosi “pull the trigger” and impeach President Trump. “Watching this lawless malignant narcissist continue to blatantly lie his ass off must not stand,” tweeted Reiner.

Will Pelosi follow through? It is difficult to tell for sure, but one thing is certain: The Democratic Party and liberal Hollywood have an unbreakable bond, and now she’s getting pressure from one of the industry’s top directors.

“The Mueller report is loaded with criminal offenses,” said Reiner in another tweet. If Dems merely read the critical passages directly from the report then ask Mueller yes or no: Is what I just read in your report? That’s all the public will need to know.”

Reiner also called Trump “the most lawless President in US history,” which is ironic considering he lived through the Obama and Clinton years. He must have been too busy supporting them to notice.

As the pressure mounts from Hollywood and within her own caucus, it is only a matter of time before Pelosi has to make a choice. However, impeachment will not go well for the Democrats and will doom their 2020 chances. Bring it on.

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