BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Smashes Pelosi’s Dreams – It’s OVER

For some reason, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Democrats thought they had a chance of turning all of Florida blue in 2022.

Ron DeSantis didn’t even have to open his mouth to clap back Nancy Pelosi.

He let the polls do the talking.

Of course, Ron could get on Pelosi’s case about how her face looks like a Picasso painting, or how her insider trading should land her in prison for the next thousand years. But he didn’t.

He showed why he’s better than the liberals.

The survey agreed that DeSantis is the winner here, as he’s leading any potential Democrat challenger by over 20 points, a margin that is going to require an absolute miracle on behalf of the liberals in order to close.

Even the best that dems can throw at Ron isn’t even close.

Democrat Charlie Crist leads all Democrat candidates in the state but can’t hold a candle to DeSantis’ popularity.

In a head-to-head matchup, survey results favored DeSantis by a margin of 55% to 34%.

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