Nancy Pelosi Makes Public Threat.

Nancy Pelosi Makes Public Threat.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has threatened to withhold her party’s support on the Republican spending bill if no agreement on DACA is reached.

Pelosi says she’s going to use “every possibility” to make her DACA deal happen. Including blocking the spending bill, if necessary. But here’s the thing: If the Democrats want to call the shots and pass their own legislation, they need to win elections first. Right now, they should be grateful that the President’s willing to work with them at all.

There’s absolutely no excuse for this kind of obstructionism. It’s a textbook case of bad government and a big reason why the Democratic party is not in charge anymore — and why Pelosi herself is clinging to her position by a hair. (Read More…)

Melania Makes Announcement About Donald’s Ex-Wife.

President Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana Trump, has resurfaced — and declared herself the “first lady” in a recent interview. Melania Trump released a biting statement in response, stating that Ivana Trump’s remarks are “attention-seeking” and “self-serving noise” without “substance.”

Ivana had bragged that she herself would make a great First Lady. “Would I straighten up the White House in 14 days? Absolutely.” This must’ve struck a nerve with Melania as this is the first time she has lashed out towards anyone even though the media, celebrities, and political pundits have been negative towards her since Trump won the election.

Melania is our First Lady and she is doing a fantastic job. Someone tell Ivana the job isn’t up for grabs. (Read More…)

Vegas Shooter’s “Other” Victim Discovered.

Law enforcement officials now believe Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock shot a hotel security guard SIX MINUTES before he opened fire on concert-goers.

This changes everything we have been told up until now — police earlier believed the guard was shot after the shooting had started, and credited him with distracting the shooter and ending the carnage. But with this new information, what caused Paddock to stop shooting on the crowd? And why did it take so long for the police to identify Paddock’s location?

Police still have not discovered a motive for the heinous attack. In fact, the more details come to light, the more puzzling this case gets. (Read More…)

Famous Celebrity Caught in Weinstein Cover-up.

According to reports, actor Matt Damon helped quash a story that could have exposed Hollywood producer and Democrat loyalist Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults a long time ago.

Journalist Sharon Waxman says she was working on a piece about Weinstein, and in particular, a man who reportedly “took care of Weinstein’s women needs,” for the New York Times in 2004, when Matt Damon called her personally to vouch for that man. Waxman also says that the New York Times itself caved to pressure from Weinstein and they eventually “gutted” the story.

This reeks of “cover-up.” All it takes is a few calls from Hollywood celebrities and a news story is re-written or thrown out? This enabled Weinstein to continue sexually harassing women for another decade and more, undisturbed. It’s truly sickening. (Read More…)

Tomi Lahren Reveals Truth About Harvey Weinstein.

“Why so silent on your boy Harvey Weinstein?” Fox News’ Tomi Lahren denounced liberal Hollywood for their silence, the silence that allowed Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior to go unchecked for years. Even while “everybody” knew what he was doing.

Was it because Weinstein had personally donated over $750,000 to the Democratic Party, and was a wildly successful fundraiser for liberal causes and candidates? Was it out of fear that they would miss a spot on a movie and the next big check? Lahren held nothing back as she stated, “Hollywood, you don’t do what’s right, you do what’s popular and what’s going to get you your next million dollar paycheck. That’s not courage. That’s not guts. That’s not integrity.”

She is right. This is pure, unadulterated liberal hypocrisy. (Watch Here…)

Leaked Emails Reveal Plot Against GOP.

Is Twitter censoring Republican tweets as a part of a plot to undermine GOP politicians? Breitbart has obtained exclusive emails revealing Twitter’s bias after Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) saw one of her campaign tweets censored. The reason Twitter cut it? Her ad referenced the Planned Parenthood “body parts” scandal — and Twitter just couldn’t allow that to be brought up again.

Sadly, it’s no secret that Twitter’s been censoring tweets the company finds objectionable. In March, the Washington Examiner’s Mark Grabowski stated that Twitter’s censorship might go so far as to be unconstitutional. He quoted Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said censorship of social media is dangerous because “these people are being cut off from a very large part of the marketplace of ideas. And the First Amendment includes not only the right to speak, but the right to receive information.”

The Justice is right. But you won’t hear about this from the liberal media. Double-standard much? (Read More…)

Disturbing Details Released About Hillary Clinton’s Birthday Party.

Actor Nathan Lane claims that the Hollywood producer, Democrat loyalist, and pervert Harvey Weinstein shoved him against the wall and threatened him at Hillary Clinton’s birthday party.

Numerous women have reported being sexually harassed and assaulted by Weinstein, but Lane is the first man to accuse Weinstein of assault. And notice how Hillary Clinton’s name just can’t escape a scandal conversation. She is somehow tied to nearly every major scandal for decades. How does she do it?

Harvey Weinstein used to be respected as one of the biggest media moguls in the country. Now he’s jobless and stands accused of sexual assault and rape. He’s a disgusting pervert who blames the NY Times for his troubles instead of accepting personal responsibility. But hey, what else would you expect from a Democrat? (Read More…)

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