Pelosi Informs The Media… Goodbye.

May 16, 2019

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just informed the media. She is on the verge of dooming her corrupt and controversial political career.

In a serious miscalculation, Pelosi is leading the fight against Alabama’s recently passed pro-life law — currently the strongest in the nation.

She tweeted, “Women’s rights are under attack. This relentless and cruel Republican assault on women’s health is designed to force a court battle to destroy Roe v. Wade.”

“Democrats will be ready to defend health care and women’s reproductive freedom,” Pelosi concluded, clearly trying to make abortion a hot topic leading into the 2020 election.

But trying to meddle in the affairs of Alabama and other states is going to backfire. A majority of Americans are pro-life and question abortion on moral grounds; it’s an act that does nothing less than kill an unborn child.

However, if Pelosi and the Democrats want to make this issue an election-year topic, they are more than welcome. It will ensure an even easier re-election victory for President Trump.

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