BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Finally Gets What She Deserves – Congress Makes It Official

Mark Levin recently invited Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, onto Fox News Channel.

It didn’t take long before some very, very interesting things were said.

Jordan’s biggest point was clapping back at the liberals who insist the January 6 commission is only built to keep Donald Trump in the news. In fact, why was he being criticized and Nancy Pelosi is being given a free pass?

He revealed that if it’s left up to him, Pelosi is not going to get off lightly.

“I think the American people see through this,” he said. “They see it for what it is. The questions need to be asked, the answers we need to get to, deal with why there wasn’t a better security posture that day. Only the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives can answer that.”

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