BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Hostage Situation – Congress Rocked…

Senator Thom Tillis’ is one of six additional Senate Republicans who backed a bipartisan bill on infrastructure. But that wasn’t good enough for Democrats. Instead, Biden and Pelosi both decided to block the infrastructure bill they had previously agreed to unless it was passed in tandem with their wildly liberal reconciliation bill.

Biden ended up softening his ultimatum. Pelosi, however, has not. If it’s left up to her, it will be impossible to pass an infrastructure bill without putting their ridiculous reconciliation bill into place.

That was all Thom Tillis’ needed to see to realize that even when he agreed with them, Democrats were working toward very different goals. Goals that do not include the welfare of this country’s future citizens.

So he called it what it is, hostage-taking. Speaking through a spokesperson, Tillis said he is “Pleased with the bipartisan framework agreed to by the Senate and President Biden, [but] profoundly disappointed to see Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats engage in political hostage-taking.”

Tillis wasn’t alone, with Republican Mike Braun from Indiana offering a similar view:

“Any compromise on paid-for infrastructure is a bad deal so long as President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Leader Schumer insist on pursuing a multi-trillion dollar tax-and-spend reconciliation package to further transform Americans’ relationship with our government through a cradle to grave welfare state.”

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