Pelosi Hands Over Power – End of an Era

This was Nancy Pelosi bending the knee to a freshman congresswoman. It’s official – Pelosi’s power is gone, used up.

After very public disputes between a few outspoken freshmen members of her caucus, Pelosi claims there were never any problems to begin with.

At the request of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, her and Pelosi met. The meeting was highly anticipated amid the tensions between party wings.

When asked if the hatchet had been buried following the meeting, Pelosi claimed there never was a hatchet at all.

Pelosi went as far as to say she doesn’t “think [they] have that many differences.”

At a time where the mainstream Democratic Party is trying to distance itself from the radical left, Pelosi’s peacemaking with the squad doesn’t look good for them.

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