Pelosi Family DEVASTATED – Sad Announcement [ALERT]

According to Donald Trump Jr., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is losing her grip on her more moderate Democrat coalition, and his father the president will be the beneficiary of the chaos now gripping the party.

Trump Jr. expressed his views in an opinion piece in The Hill on Thursday. “The Democratic Party is under the spell of the radical left,” he opined, even if radical House members don’t have any actual power yet.

Democrat presidential candidates who are offering more and more radical-left policy ideas show the leftward push of the party, Trump Jr. said. Meanwhile, the President his father “continues to demonstrate his presidential pedigree to the American public.”

In only a few short years, policy positions like taxpayer-funded abortion and free health benefits for illegal immigrants have become generally accepted by the party, especially their presidential hopefuls. Meanwhile, Trump is staying the course on conservative judges, tax cuts, and immigration reform that has ushered in the best economy in at least four to five decades.

It ought to be a landslide for Trump in 2020, but it will surely be a referendum on the radical left and how many Democrats are actually behind them across the country.

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