Pelosi Ends The Speculation – Calls It Quits…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has utterly failed to hold her own party together, and she just ended the speculation. Millions are stunned.

In a letter to fellow Democrats, she’s called for a conference call to deal with the Mueller report. Pelosi has quit even trying to sell a message to the American people  — now she’s just trying to save her job behind the scenes.

Pelosi has repeatedly said she’s wary of impeachment proceedings, much to the chagrin of many House Democrats, so this conference call is an attempt by her to save face.

In the letter, she called the findings in the Mueller report a “grave matter” and took aim at the Department of Justice’s handling of the release. “Congress will not stay silent,” she wrote.

But this is nothing more than pure politics. Pelosi might be a far-left ideologue, but she’s been around plenty long enough to know that this witch-hunt has run out of steam.

As the 2020 election inches ever-closer, expect to see Pelosi and her party continue to flail about in desparation. It’s all they have left.

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