Pelosi Confirms Departure… She Couldn’t Take The Heat

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) walked out of her weekly press conference Thursday after reporters asked repeated questions about impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, indicating that she would not answer any more questions about the matter, the Daily Caller reported.

“I’m not answering any more questions on possible inquiries, investigations and the rest,” Pelosi said. “I’ve said what I’m going to say. I’m proud of our members who have gone out there and expressed themselves for what they believe in on the basis of what they know.”

When reporters asked if Pelosi was comfortable with the term “impeachment inquiry,” used by Judicial Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY), Pelosi deflected the question and told the reporter to go ask Sen. Mitch McConnell why he didn’t want to save lives by passing gun control legislation.

Pelosi has been against impeachment and has said it could be “divisive,” but did say after the vote to set rules for an impeachment proceeding that she supported Nadler.

Rep. Tom McClintock, a California Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said that Democrats wanted “to have their impeachment, and deny it, too.”

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