Pelosi Career Decision – It’s Official, Media Stunned

In a tweet on Wednesday, President Donald Trump said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was “incapable” of working with him and other Republicans to lower prescription drug prices and pass a trade deal with Mexico and Canada that could add hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs and over a billion dollars to the economy.

“Nancy Pelosi just said that she is interested in lowering prescription drug prices & working on the desperately needed USMCA,” Trump tweeted. “She is incapable of working on either. It is just camouflage for trying to win an election through impeachment. The Do Nothing Democrats are stuck in mud!”

Pelosi addressed both legislative priorities during her weekly press conference, but made no promises that she could look past the fake impeachment inquiry and actually pass these in a bipartisan fashion.

The prospect of House Democrats passing anything that would benefit the economy is slim; they don’t want to give him any more “wins” right before an election. Whatever helps the country, helps Trump, they reason, and they just can’t give him the satisfaction right now.

Let’s hope the American people see the pettiness of Democrats and punish them at the ballot box.

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