BREAKING: Joe Biden UNLEASHES Attack On Americans – Patriots In Danger…

Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, recently gave America quite the surprise when he listed what his number one threat to America is at this very moment.

It wasn’t the economy, it wasn’t the supply chain, it wasn’t COVID, it wasn’t Biden’s health, it wasn’t any of the USUAL talking points.

No, what Gaetz pointed out is something that’s been flying under the radar because of these other things, and that’s exactly WHY it’s so dangerous.

“nothing is more dangerous right now than the weaponization of the Justice Department against people who show up at school board meetings,” Gaetz asserted. His reasoning is that it “paves the way for broad targeting.”

Broad targeting is basically a term that refers to the government using demographics to paint people as bad. An example would be how the government is trying to get the public to buy in to the idea that anyone who opposes critical race theory in schools does it because they hate black people. “Oh, you go to school board meetings? You must not like CRT, which means you must be a racist.”

Seems a little funny, until you apply it to a demographic you belong to. How many years away are we from the government seeing a Bible in your car, then assuming “They are a Christian, this means they don’t like gay marriage, this means they are homophobic, this is a hate crime, hate crimes are illegal.”?

Maybe not as far away as you think. After all, they’ve already done it to the pro-life crowd. Instead of listening to our arguments about saving a baby’s life, they just project an image that we are sexists wanting to control female bodies. If we don’t want that thinking to spread to other topics, this schoolboard situation is where we need to put our foot down.

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