Pastor Spots Trump In His Church… Raises Hand And Shocks Everyone

President Donald Trump appeared briefly at Virginia’s Maclean Bible Church Sunday and was prayed over by the church’s pastor, David Platt. The Christian Post reported that Trump showed up fresh from the golf course with a sportcoat over his golf apparel, and was called up to the stage by Platt.

Platt prayed that Trump “would govern and make decisions in ways that are good for justice, and good for righteousness, and good for equity, every good path.” He also prayed for Trump’s family and for wisdom in his leadership.

Trump did not make a speech at the church and mouthed “thank you” before he left the church. The White House later said that Trump had shown up at the church to pray for the families of the victims of the Virginia Beach mass shooting on Friday.

Sunday was also named a special “day of prayer” for the president by Franklin Graham, and 300 church leaders had committed to pray for Trump. Platt was not one of the 300 and did not mention the day of prayer in his remarks.

The shooting, in which a gunman killed 12 coworkers, was also not mentioned by Platt. Neither Platt nor Graham said that their prayers indicated an endorsement of Trump.

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