BREAKING: Joe Biden Is Officially OUT – America Stunned

Honestly, especially since his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Joe Biden hasn’t done much right.

The simple fact is, Joe Biden is out.

He’s out of touch. Out of favor. His luck is running out. His time is running out.

Only 48% of voters approve of Biden’s job performance, while 49% disapprove. By comparison, just before his withdrawal from Kabul, Biden’s approval stood at 55%. The American people are trying to tell Joe Biden something, but he just won’t listen.

But this isn’t just the extreme right bringing Joe down. Even among Democrats, Biden’s approval rating is plummeting. The number of Democrats who strongly approve of Biden’s performance has fallen six percent in the last two weeks of August alone.

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10 Responses

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  4. Biden is a useless Democrat just like the other do nothing Democrats in the house of representatives and the Senate America remember this Treacherous act by the Democrats next election

  5. Biden is a real Idiot but Harris will be worse and if they get rid of her all hell will break loose with Peloski in charge Our best bet as Americans is to take over the house and senate that will stop the democrats if we don’t America is lost

    1. so you said to yourself I have a new job! I’m a scammer!!!! I make a lot of money because everyone loves to become scammers! Very honorable position!! NOT!!!!!!

  6. Where are you getting these numbers from CNN?????? There is no way 49% think crazy Joe is doing a good job. It is like your articles you keep pushing only half truths!!

  7. I suspect that slightly Coo Coo Nancy Pelosi is looking forward to becoming president. The Democrat Party literally has no qualified replacements for Biden or Harris. God help save us all

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