BREAKING: State Fights Back Against Biden – Country Can Be Saved Like This…

Representative Andy Biggs, a representative from Arizona, recently explained to Breitbart that there is only ONE way to save this country as long as Biden and his bumbling amigos are in control of the White House.

“This country is going to be saved at the state level.”

With Biden in the White House, we are going to need state-level politicians to step up and do what is right for their areas, something we’ve already seen out of people like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott.

“We want to hear what states are doing and what their issues are so we can have better communication to try to fix what’s going on in Congress that affects negatively the states,” Briggs continued. “I think we have a chance to really change the dialog, and the trajectory of the Republican Party long-term.”

He concluded by implying that we simply can’t trust the president to move the needle on any important issues. Biggs asserted that the list of accomplishments that Biden touted for 2021 actually does not exist.

“The list of accomplishments — who knows what Biden thinks they might be — but there are none. There are no positive accomplishments that this regime as put together.”

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