BREAKING: Hostage Crisis Stuns White House – Nation On Alert

Representative Michael Waltz, a Republican from Florida, recently stopped by Newsmax TV to discuss Biden caving to the Taliban by agreeing to be out of Afghanistan on August 31.

Waltz was warning that this has the potential to become “the largest mass hostage situation in American history.”

Biden has agreed to have all MILITARY presence out of the country by August 31, a date by which it is utterly impossible to get all American civilians and allies out of the country.

So what you’re about to have is one of the most dangerous groups in the history of the world being left with thousands of unarmed Americans to use as hostages in order to negotiate literally whatever they want out of the United States.

“What’s happening on the ground is outrageous. I and others were up all night, along with my team, trying to help American citizens get through Taliban and American lines, and they were turned away,” Waltz said. “These are U.S. passport holders and their families that aren’t getting through.”

“Yet, we see these press briefings where everything’s going fine, and we’re going to be mission accomplished, and we’re going to get out of here by August 31. It’s a bunch of garbage. We are on the cusp of facing the largest mass hostage situation in American history. This is going to make 1979 in Tehran look like a sleepover because anything the Taliban wants going forward — money, recognition, support all they have to do is go down the street and grab an American that was left behind by Joe Biden.”

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  1. The Pentagon needs to move on this; take the tallywhakers OUT and bring our people and our allies out of that hell hole ASAP! Obviously, it can’t be accomplished by 8/31, but “neutralize” the enemy and evacuate our people. At the same time, a “zero airstrike” on Bagram airbase should destroy any and all equipment the US deserted there; neutralize it so the enemy cannot use it.

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