Ilhan Omar REPLACEMENT Announced – Whoa

It was bound to happen — a U.S. military veteran has announced his intentions to run for Ilhan Omar’s seat, throwing Omar’s chaotic political career into serious jeopardy and showing her the real possibility for the first time that she could be replaced in Congress.

Chris Kelley, now a Minnesota police officer, said his reason for this was her comments on 9/11, which he says were “dismissive and disrespectful”. Kelley does not have a lot of political experience, but he served in Iraq multiple times and knows what it means to sacrifice for your country.

Ilhan Omar is the opposite. Omar has enjoyed a rocky time in Congress. Her alleged anti-semitism and radical leftism has made her many enemies. And it’s not just Republicans, led by Trump, who are fed up with her: her approval rating is in the tank.

For Chris Kelley, the veteran and current police officer, her clear disrespect was the last straw. What’s more, he thinks that because of her clear distaste for America, he has a chance of winning her left-leaning district — even as a Republican.

Omar has shown to all of America that she is unfit for office. But she’s also not taking her own district seriously. She’s been campaigning and fundraising for Democrats all over the country, including California. And just this past week she was seen partying it up with Nancy Pelosi in Africa. She’s a globetrotting elitist Democrat who pretends to be a woman of the people.

Someone who has a clear drive to serve will do a much better job. Time will tell if that person is Kelley. But for now, Minnesotans (and Americans everywhere) should rest easy knowing that someone has the guts to take her on in an election.

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