Oh No: Trump Impeachment Announcement

As the political establishment in Washington continues its war against President Trump, a new poll from an unlikely source is showing what Americans think about impeachment.

In a shock announcement, an ABC News/Washington Post poll has revealed that 55% of Americans oppose Congress beginning impeachment proceedings against President Trump, contrary to the rhetoric and bombast coming from the corridors of power on Capitol Hill and the drive-by media.

Anyone listening to left-wing politicians and pundits might be led to believe that a majority of Americans want to see Trump impeached, but it’s quite the opposite. In reality, it seems most citizens still want something that the elite in both parties can’t seem to grasp: Economic opportunity and job growth for America and her citizens.

This is why voters elected Donald Trump in the first place. To his credit, he’s worked hard to live up to his promises since day one — and we are seeing the fruits of his labor. The likes of Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren would be smart to heed the warning that Americans don’t want impeachment. Failure to recognize this fact could result in continued electoral pain for Democrats.

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