Oh No: Trump Family TRAGEDY – The President Just Confirmed…

A heartbreaking Trump family tragedy was just reported. President Trump himself has confirmed it. Please pray for our First Family during this difficult time.

During a campaign rally in Louisiana, Trump said, “Impeachment to me is a dirty word, it’s been very unfair, very hard on my family.” To be sure, Democrats should be ashamed by what they’re putting the Trump family through.

And they have yet to uncover any proof of wrongdoing by the president, but, in order to play to their radical anti-Trump base, they are willing to do anything — including pursuing this ridiculous impeachment effort.

Trump rightly called it a “deranged impeachment witch hunt” during the rally. He also said, “We took down Bush, Clinton, Obama, with no experience, but I had you and we won.” He then brought up the accusations against him.

“Think about that and then think about me, ‘gee, let’s get some help from Ukraine in order to beat sleepy Joe Biden,'” he said. “I don´t think so.” Trump makes a good point here that all Americans should take into consideration.

Whether the Democratic nominee is Biden or someone else, he is going to sweep to victory again. He certainly doesn’t need foreign help and, furthermore, never asked for it in relation to his campaign.

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