Oh No: Mitch MCconnell Receives Tragic News

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky’s long-serving U.S. Senator and a faithful Trump ally, is bracing himself in the wake of tragic news that has rocked Washington, DC.

Liberal gadfly and all-around-stooge, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has recruited a hard-hitting candidate to run against McConnell in 2020, setting up a major showdown between Republican and Democratic leadership in the Senate. Schumer’s choice is Amy McGrath, a veteran of the Marines and a former congressional candidate.

Schumer, the Senate’s minority leader since 2017, must be feeling nervous heading into the 2020 election. He appears to be pulling out all of the stops in order to form a powerful team for the 2020 election. But will it be enough? Contrary to popular wisdom, President Trump is becoming even more popular every day; America is getting back on track.

The Democrats will have to run against unprecedented job growth, a booming economy, better trade deals, and securing our border. Schumer and his ilk are kidding themselves if they think it’s possible to unseat McConnell in pro-Trump Kentucky, but we’ll enjoy watching him waste millions in liberal special-interest money just for sport.

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