OH NO: Huckabee Makes Sad Announcement

Longtime ally of President Trump, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, appeared on Fox & Friends to reveal a terrible truth — and he didn’t hold back.

With the partial government shutdown showing no signs of ending, Huckabee made it clear who is to blame: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her rejection of Trump’s most recent offer shows she is “not interested in those 800,000 government workers on furlough”.

Thousands of American workers and families are hurting, so it’s time for Pelosi to “quit playing politics with the lives of these people,” said Huckabee, who also rightly noted that all she really wants to do is “hurt this president and, ultimately, hurt this country”.

You would think an extension of DACA and getting federal employees back to work would be enticing, but Pelosi does not care about actually finding a compromise, even if it includes items Democrats claim to want. We can now be certain who is responsible for the stalemate in the shutdown talks, and it isn’t President Trump.

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