Oh No: 30 Confirmed Dead… 200 Missing

At least thirty people have been tragically confirmed dead, and 200 more are missing. Bad weather was the culprit.

The accident happened in western Congo, reportedly on a boat that could’ve been overloaded with passengers — a typical occurrence in the region due to poor roads.

Approximately 80 people survived the incident, however, the search continues for the 200 missing people as the death toll continues to rise.

Making the search even more difficult is that boats on Lake Mai-Ndombe don’t usually maintain a full log of passengers, despite having an official manifest. It’s a horrific situation.

The mayor of Inongo, Simon Mboo Wemba, reported that many of the passengers were teachers traveling to collect their salaries. Then bad weather hit the lake.

Given the numbers known at this time, it is clear that several hundred people were on board the boat, but we may never know how many.

Read the full story here.

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