Ocasio-Cortez’s TRUE Identity Revealed… DISGUSTING

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s true identity has been revealed. Americans expected this all along, but now it was just officially confirmed. She is finished.

Catalina Lauf, a newly-announced congressional candidate in Illinois, laid down the brutal truth on Fox Business. “I’m fiercely driven by a love for my country and I’m not driven by a hate for everything it stands for like AOC,” she said.

Lauf is a 26-year-old Latina and has a dramatically different view of America than Ocasio-Cortez. The socialist congresswoman despises this country — that’s her true identity. Her constituents deserve so much better.

If only Lauf lived in New York City and could run against AOC. There’s no doubt that this rising Republican star would give her a run for her money, even in a Democrat-leaning district.

Earlier in the week, Lauf also appeared on Fox News and defended President Trump from ridiculous, left-wing attacks on his character. She pushed back against the narrative that he’s “racist” for wanting to enforce our immigration laws.

“He’s not a racist,” Lauf said. “People like my mom and my grandmother and many other Hispanic Americans who have come here legally feel so insulted by that because they did it the right way … you should be a law-abiding citizen.”

Read the full story here.

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