Ocasio-Cortez Targeted By FBI… [Report]

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was just targeted by the FBI. This bombshell report is spreading like wildfire nationwide, and she is freaking out. She’s been completely exposed.

During a congressional hearing, Ocasio-Cortez made the bogus claim that the FBI treats violence by Muslims and white supremacists differently, charging only the former group with “domestic terrorism.”

However, FBI agent Michael McGarrity, who serves as assistant director of the agency’s Counterterrorism Division, said the charge of “domestic terrorism” doesn’t even exist in the law.

“No, that is not correct, that is not correct. […] Some of the definitions I think we’re using, we’re talking past each other,” said McGarrity. But his simple lesson about what is and is not in the law didn’t take.

Ocasio-Cortez even tweeted after the hearing that “Violence by Muslims is routinely treated as ‘terrorism,’ White Supremacist violence isn’t. Neo-Nazis are getting off the hook.”

There is zero proof that these groups are treated differently on the matter of violence, and, once again, she doesn’t seem to understand the point McGarrity is trying to make. It’s not anyone else’s fault but her own.

Read the full story here.

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