Ocasio-Cortez Has Been Hit – She’s Finished

Americans are finding out quickly that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist congresswoman from New York, will say anything for attention. This time, it may have finally cost her.

During a livestream for supporters, she said President Trump’s border wall is “like the Berlin Wall.” Yes, she compared a plan to secure America’s freedom from crime and drugs to a communist monument meant to keep people in bondage.

She continued, “I think it’s like any other wall designed to separate human beings and block out people who are running away from the humanitarian disasters. I just think it’s wrong.”

Dr. Gad Saad, a professor at Concordia University, took it upon himself to tweet a history lesson to Ocasio-Cortez. “The Berlin Wall was meant to keep people inside the socialist/communist utopia and stop them from fleeing to the decadent capitalist west,” he wrote.

Then Dr. Saad performed the social media equivalent of a mic drop, saying, “So as the New Millennial Lenin, you might want to refrain from using this example.” His ironic point isn’t lost on any of us, but Ocasio-Cortez likely missed it.

Sadly, at just 29-years-old, she is the poster child for a generation more concerned with feel-good catchphrases than serious study. As the old adage goes, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

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