Ocasio-Cortez Caught – Federal Agents Confirm It…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) reportedly screamed and cursed at Border Patrol agents during a recent tour of facilities that housed immigrants detained crossing the border, according to the Independent Journal Review. Ocasio-Cortez visited the facility with 13 other congressional staff members.

Ocasio-Cortez didn’t stay with the agents and the other congressional staff that visited the facility, but decided to go into one of the detention cells and speak to the family inside. She soon came out of the cell screaming at agents that the family was being forced to drink out of the toilet.

She then refused to finish the tour but said she would stay with the family. An agent later stated that the migrant had not been told to drink from the toilet, but hadn’t known how to work the faucet.

When one agent said something to another and they laughed, she reportedly screamed, “What’s so funny?” The agents didn’t react to her tirade or screaming because she was part of the congressional delegation, they later said.

Not only does Ocasio-Cortez not know half of what she should in order to represent her district in Congress, but it appears that she has extremely bad manners and temperament, as well.

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