Ocasio-Cortez Busted – Caught In The Act

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s economically suicidal Green New Deal is its own worst enemy — and its second worst is turning out to be Ocasio-Cortez herself.

A recent interview with the freshman Democrat’s adviser Robert Hockett, and her ensuing retweet of that interview, highlighted one of the bill’s most pollyannish items in the most embarrassing way imaginable — by letting her roast it herself, and in the process exposing her as either deceitful or, perhaps worse, ignorant of her own flagship bill.

Asked by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson about the bill’s promise to pay people “unwilling to work,” Hockett denied they would every put such an item in the bill and claimed Ocasio-Cortez tweeted the “doctored document” just to laugh at it. Later, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted,

“Watch what happens when Tucker Carlson steps out of the conservative bubble and brings on an @AOC policy adviser who debunks all the conservative media lies straight to his face (spoiler: it doesn’t go great for Tucker)”

Only one problem: the “doctored document” came straight from the congresswoman’s own website and was created by her chief of staff. Ocasio-Cortez’s bald-faced falsity regarding such a broadly publicized bill reinforces the concern expressed by many that she lacks the necessary experience to serve as a U.S. legislator.

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