Obama’s Disturbing Past Revealed – It’s Unthinkable

A new report says that former President Barack Obama agreed to release three Rwandans who had killed Americans and others into Australia. The Rwandans killed members of a tour group to the Ugandan rain forest in 1999, including two Americans, the Ugandan tour guide and others.

After being brought to the U.S. to face murder charges, a judge threw out the case because he said the men had been tortured into confessing. The men could not be held in the U.S. after the case was thrown out, but they could not be sent back to Rwanda, either.

According to the Politico report, Obama made a deal with then-Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to accept nearly 1,200 mostly Middle Eastern refugees from Australia in exchange for resettling the Rwandans in Australia. Two of the men were resettled there, but the third is still in an ICE prison in Miami after attacking a guard there.

Early in his presidency, Trump had blasted the deal with Turnbull, but apparently didn’t know about the Rwandans and why Obama had made the deal with Turnbull.

Read the full story here.

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