Barack Obama releases sick message

I wonder what it must be like to live in the delusional world of President Obama. He takes credit for the economy, he believes his health care bill was good for the country, and so much more. Soon he’ll be taking credit for defeating ISIS, I’m sure. In the meantime, however, he’s apparently become a champion of Israel…

That’s right, Obama just said that he “gave more military aid than anyone” to Israel. First off, President Trump has only been in office one year, so it’s unlikely those numbers will continue to be decisive. Second, military aid is good, but what would have been better was actual support of Israel, at the UN, during peace negotiations, and in public political statements.

What Obama didn’t do was recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel, even though Congress and multiple Presidents have paid lip service to doing so for decades. Israel deserves to receive the world’s acknowledgment that it is an independent state of Jewish people and that Jerusalem is the center of its state both ancient and modern. Obama never had the courage to set the Palestinians free of their fantasies and recognize Israel for the state that it is. Trump did. (Read More…)

Nancy Pelosi quickly pushed to keep a tax break – for her two mansions

Just when I think Democrat hypocrisy has reached its peak, I’ve been proven wrong again! Nancy “tax reform Armageddon” Pelosi is a pretty typical socialist type of Democrat: she’s incredibly generous with everyone else’s money, but not so much with her own. After talking about how horrible she believes the tax reform bill will be, she rushed to take advantage of a tax break that the reform bill disposed of — to keep the costs down on each of her two mansions.

It must be difficult being so rich and pretending like you care about impoverished people. Rather than capitalize on your property tax deductions, how about you put your money where your mouth is and give your money to the government so people like you and your Democrat colleagues can spend it for you! (Read More…)

Bill Clinton called out criminal illegals – and the media didn’t attack him

From hypocrisy to double standard. The video in this article shows Bill Clinton describing the problems with massive waves of immigration. He says that Americans lose jobs to illegal immigrants, and it is self-defeating to allow our immigration policies to go unenforced.

What happened to Bill Clinton’s Democrat Party? He may have been personally disgraceful, but some of his policies weren’t very far off from Reagan: welfare reform, low taxes, protecting religious freedom, etc.

In just two decades the Left-leaning Democrats have just gone off the rails. Now we’re in for a huge realignment where traditional conservatives have more in common with unionized labor workers than they do the coastal elites who have ruined the culture. (Read More…)

Melania Trump’s team rejects disgusting rumors about her marriage

Surprise, surprise, liberals are spreading false rumors about Trump and his family. Some recent reports about life in the White House, from outlets like the Daily Mail, allege that there is marital strife between President Trump and First Lady Melania.  Melania, however, isn’t having it.

Her press representative sent a tweet dispelling the “laundry list of salacious & flat-out false reporting.” American media has entirely lost its credibility. After the absurd reporting about the Trump-Russia Dossier, and then these blatantly false Michael Wolff allegations, why does anyone listen anymore? (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton protected a top adviser accused of sexual harassment – it’s a pattern

Hillary tweeted about empowering women during the women’s march, supports the #metoo movement, and went after Trump for some of his private conversations and personal indiscretions. She must be perfect regarding sexual harassment and misconduct, right? Eh, not so much. We all know how she attacked the women who accused Bill of sexual assault and tried to discredit them and their stories.

It turns out that she also hid a former advisor named Burns Strider from multiple allegations of sexual harassment. At least one allegation against Strider described him inappropriately commenting, touching, and kissing a young employee of his. That employee suggested he be fired, but when the complaint reached Hillary, she declined to do so. Eventually, she said he should get counseling, but he never did it. He was later fired for, wait for it, sexually harassing another young woman. Disgusting.  (Read More…)

Nikki Haley responds to disgraceful rumor that she had an affair with President Trump

It’s sad that I have to address this, but it’s in the news. Another vicious rumor spread by Michael Wolff is that President Trump and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley are having an affair.

Not that this should need to be said, but Haley and Trump were hardly friendly prior to Trump’s victory. Furthermore, Nikki Haley has an unimpeachable character and says she has proof that she’s never been alone with the president.

Haley correctly called the rumors “highly offensive” and “disgusting” and she’s right on here. She left it at that, and so will I; because those pathetic allegations don’t deserve anything else. (Read More…)

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