Obama teams up with shocking ‘partner’ to target conservatives

Americans may be finished with Barack Obama, but he’s not finished with us yet. He added $8 trillion to the debt, polarized the political situation in America, weaponized the IRS and other agencies against conservatives, and emboldened terrorists and rogue nations. But apparently, he’s decided that there’s still “work” to be done.

Former President Obama has joined with his former Attorney General, Eric Holder, to eliminate pro-Republican districts throughout the country. Holder is currently at the helm of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), a political organization that is scheming to change “gerrymandered” Republican districts.

Obama, Holder, and the NDRC have raised $11 million so far, with a current planned goal of $30 million. With those funds, they will attempt to fundamentally change the political composition of some of the most conservative districts in the country. Conservatives need to be vigilant and organize to combat these political efforts. (Read More…)

Russian jet crashes near Moscow – 71 presumed dead

Sunday was a terrible day for Russians. A passenger plane that took off in Moscow on it’s way to Orsk, an area that borders Kazakhstan, crashed not long after takeoff. All 71 passengers on board are presumed dead and for good reason. The scene around the crash was harrowing, with debris and remains scattered along the crash route.

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the incident, including a possible criminal inquiry. Few details have been released, but the most likely cause was some sort of engineering or electrical failure. Russia has a history of lax regulations and maintenance standards, as well as outdated technology, which can be a deadly combination with aircraft. On Christmas day of 2016, another plane that took off in Russia crashed into the Black Sea, killing 92 passengers. Hopefully, for the sake of Russian citizens, they can address their aviation safety standards sooner rather than later. (Read More…)

Mike Pence says the U.S. is open to talks with North Korea

In an unexpected turn of events, Vice President Mike Pence has said that the United States is willing to enter into diplomatic talks with North Korea. This year’s Olympic games have demonstrated that North Koreans were willing to join with their Southern neighbors to compete together in the games, most notably in their joint hockey team.

Perhaps in the spirit of cooperation, Pence and Trump are making overtures to see if some progress can be made with Kim Jong Un, the North’s reclusive dictator. Moon Jae-In, the President of South Korea, has noted that he is hopeful about possible conciliatory measures being taken by both countries on the Korean Peninsula. It’s impossible to know how Kim will react, but much of his determination to defy the United States and the international community more generally hinges upon China’s willingness to prop up the brutal regime. We’ll have to stay tuned for this one. (Read More…)

Putin warns Israel to be careful on further strikes in Syria

Syria has very quickly become a new powderkeg. American, Russian, and Israeli forces have all engaged in various combat operations there in the last few weeks. In the backdrop, of course, is also Iran, who has been funding some elements of armed Syrian forces as well. American forces killed 100 militants last week, while both Russian and Israeli fighter jets were downed by different Syrian factions.

President Putin of Russia just came forward to warn Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel not to inflame the situation in Syria. In a phone call between the two this weekend, Putin attempted to cool the hostilities between Iran and Israel. Netanyahu agreed to de-escalate the situation but was undoubtedly not deterred from defending his country. He stated that he will continue to defend Israel’s interests as he believes is necessary. (Read More…)

Donald Trump Jr. thanks Chelsea Clinton for defending his little brother

Sometimes vastly different people can come together on points of principle. That’s what happened earlier this month when Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out his thanks to Chelsea Clinton. What do those two have in common, one might ask? Well, they have each said that children should be off-limits to political attacks, and they’re absolutely correct.

Chelsea tweeted out in defense of Barron Trump, who was the target of a vicious attack from Zack Bornstein, a comedian who has written for Jimmy Kimmel’s show and SNL. Donald Jr. said that he agreed with Chelsea and thanked her for defending his younger brother. It’s nice to see these political opponents come together to defend family and children. Even though I disagree with so much that Chelsea believes in, and what her parents have done, she and Donald Jr. are spot on here. (Read More…)

Lawsuit: Harvey Weinstein threatened employees, ‘I will kill you. I will kill your family.’

This is what a monster looks like. Harvey Weinstein was outed for the abusive pervert that he is in the last year. His transgressions were so disgusting that they served as the catalyst for the entire #metoo movement that has taken off in recent months. Who would have known that he wasn’t just committing sexual assault and harassment, but was also threatening people’s lives?

At least that’s what a  new lawsuit is alleging. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed against The Weinstein Company for failure to protect employees from sexual harassment. The complaint alleges that Weinstein threatened to kill his employees and their families. Renowned actress Salma Hayek confirmed that Weinstein was certainly capable of these threats. She said that when he attacked her he told her he would kill her “…don’t think I can’t” he said.

Weinstein is an absolutely despicable person, and the world is a better place now that he’s been stripped of his power and influence. (Read More…)

Before you take pills for anxiety, think about this

We live in an era where pharmaceutical companies have formed an unlikely alliance with social justice culture to sell pills. The idea of seeing yourself as a mental health patient who is some kind of a victim is drastically more appealing to most people than a more useful interpretation that requires changed behavior.

There are, of course, major exceptions. Some people truly have chemical imbalances that no environmental or behavioral changes will cure. Some people have gone through truly traumatizing experiences that have left an incredibly profound physical impact on their brain. PTSD, for example, is extremely real and heartbreaking. That’s why it’s still critical to work with health professionals, including mental health professionals.

But “I’m an exception and a legitimate health victim” is a conclusion that should only be reached after exhausting the alternatives, as I wrote about in the blame-yourself first principle. Before you take pills for anxiety, take a look at this article. It may just change your mind. (Read More…)

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